2017-18 Ice Fishing Retrospective: Winter Colors and Textures


Coregonus artedi, Mille Lacs Lake, February 2018


The harsh, stark nature of Winter usually belies its inherent beauty. Those who stay indoors just to keep their cheeks warm will miss every opportunity to see new things, and even worse, new ways to see old things. Blues and grays can overwhelm, but their infinite shades and gradations challenge even the best artists to replicate with any degree of authenticity. Pines, spruces, firs, and cedars become minor celebrities for a time, soon to yield again to every manner of flower. Snow is ubiquitous, obscuring much of what we know under its nurturing torpescence. But even snow yields visual treasures on occasion; sun, wind, and warmth give it countless ephemeral forms that beg us to go, to find.


Canine Tracks, BWCA, February 2018                                    Sunrise, BWCA, February 2018


Windblown Waves, BWCA, February 2018


Resolute Cedar, BWCA, April 2018


Backtrack, BWCA, April 2018


Laketop Crust, Mille Lacs Lake, February 2018


  Pines, Itasca County, March 2018


Ice, St. Croix River, January 2018


Spruce Cedar Cirrus, BWCA, April 2018


Sunset Over Leech, Leech Lake, February 2018




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