My Public Lands: 2018

After the Public Lands Day rally at the state capitol rotunda last year, it seemed like a good idea to keep track of my public land usage until the next rally rolled around. I normally visit a lot of state and federal public lands throughout the year, but never kept a record, and so never really knew the extent of my own personal use. My mission to document my outings proved not only enlightening, but also spurred me on to go new places and try new things. 

The following is a visual representation of my visits- as well as my varied activities- on Minnesota’s public lands since last April. You may notice that not every single day or visit is represented by a photograph. For instance, some photographs represent an activity carried out on several different parcels, at noted. Likewise, some outings occurred on many different days, such as foraging in Chippewa National Forest and George Washington State Forest throughout the summer and fall. I only wish I had remembered to bring my rally sign with me every time; regrettably, there are some gaps in coverage. 

Our public lands, as you can see, are important to me throughout the year for camping, fishing, hunting, foraging, educating my children, and much more. If you are so inclined, please consider joining the Public Lands Day rally at the Minnesota state capitol February 7th, at 3:00. Thanks, and get outside. 

C.C. Andrews State Forest, Kettle River

Sucker fishing and camping, Cloquet Valley S.F. and CC Andrews S.F., April 2018

Canoeing, camping, fishing, BWCA, May 2018

Backpacking, foraging, camping, swimming, Superior N.F. and Finland S.F., July 2018

Foraging, C.C. Andrews State Forest, July 2018

Foraging, Chengwatana State Forest, August 2018

Foraging, George Washington State Forest, August 2018

Duck hunting, McGregor WMA, Grayling Marsh WMA, Kimberly Marsh WMA, September 2018

Duck hunting, Solana State Forest, September 2018

Kids In Cranberry Bog, Chippewa National Forest, October 2018

Whitefish netting and camping, Superior National Forest, October 2018

Grouse and duck hunting, Superior National Forest, October 2018

Deer hunting, Kroschel WMA and Snake River State Forest, November 2018



Not Pictured:

Fishing, Ramsey County Open Space, May 2018

Turkey hunting, Richard J. Dorer State Forest, May 2018

Grouse and duck hunting, Chippewa N.F. and George Washington S.F., Fall 2018





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