Sliding Into The Long Sleep

Birches over swamp

It was supposed to be a good year for fall colors. And it would have been, too, if the wind hadn’t been so diligent at teasing the leaves from their branches as soon as they ripened.

As summer fades, we console ourselves with visions of fall days spent looking up at oranges, reds, burgundies, yellows, browns, and shades in between. When that doesn’t happen- especially after it has been foretold by the prognosticators- there is a subtle but nagging sense of loss. Redemption can be found by seeking the colors and textures that autumn still brings, albeit on a smaller scale. Most people overlook such a meager offering entirely. But even when wonder has abandoned the skyline altogether, it can still be found within a few inches of the ground. 


Fall Colors

Silver Maple leaves

Northwoods bog

Mixed fall leaves

Little bluestem in fall



And when the colors have all but drained, morning frosts settle on survivors and stubborn holdouts, pointing the way toward the long sleep. 


Rubus leaves with frost

Quercus leaf

Verbena strict

Rubus leaves

Morning frost on sedges

Hoarfrost on sedges




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