Product Review: Luci Beam 2-in-1 Solar Headlamp & Flashlight

Hi there, I’m glad you stopped in. If you’re here because you’re thinking about buying the Luci Beam 2-in-1 Solar Headlamp and Flashlight from MPOWERD, stop reading. 

Seriously, don’t scan ahead. Just hit the “back” button, and go ahead and order it. When you’re finished, pat yourself on the back. Then return here, and I’ll spend the next 700 words explaining why you did the right thing. 


Here at our house, we’ve had a Luci lantern for over five years. In that time, it has proven its worth. It’s dependable, rugged, holds a healthy charge, and performs as well as it did when it got here. We like it so much, in fact, that we ordered a second one. 

The original lantern stays at our cabin now—where we don’t have electricity—to light up the kitchen or living area. It sits in the windowsill when we’re gone, to replenish itself. We depend on it all year, but especially in the winter when there are four or five hours of darkness in the evenings before bedtime.

One thing I have appreciated is that the solar-powered Luci lanterns have performed at 100% capacity while other, cheaply-made solar lights have come and gone. Luci doesn’t seem to cut corners or build obsolescence into their products. They work, and they last. So, I was eager to get my hands on the Beam when I heard about it. 

Luci Beam 

Most headlamps aren’t unique from each other. They typically have several light settings, including red and blinking, operated with just one button. Many these days are rechargeable via USB cable. 

Luci Beam 2-in-1 headlamp and flashlight test review

The Beam is no different in those respects. There are seven light choices altogether: three steady white light levels with one blinking, and two red light levels with one blinking. Twin LEDs throw focused white light a considerable distance. Where it departs from almost the entire rest of the field (hundred, perhaps thousands of headlamps) is its ability to draw upon the power of the sun to recharge. 

No more forgetting spare batteries. No forgetting to plug it in. 

You might be tempted to assume the Beam’s battery life is short, but you’d be wrong. MPOWERD says the headlamp portion will last for 24 hours (low power), and 30 hours in flashlight mode (paired with solar panel unit). Plenty for a multi-night adventure. 

You might also be tempted to think the solar-charging feature is chintzy and inadequate. Also wrong. In my experience, solar charging is all I need. I plugged it in once when it was new, and maybe one other time. That’s it. 

In other words, with the Luci Beam, long battery life combined with robust solar charging capability equals almost sure independence from manmade power. It’s my go-to headlamp now.

If I Had to Get Picky

I find no substantial fault with this outdoor tool, and fully endorse it. There are only a couple minor things I would change if I could. 

First, when you turn it off and on again, it would be great if the Beam automatically went to the most recent setting used. This is a feature of some other headlamps, but not all. 

The way you select the light level and color of the Luci Beam is by pressing the one button repeatedly, to cycle through the options. It goes: white/low—white/medium—white/high—white/flashing—red/low—red/medium—red/flashing. 

Now, when a person uses red light, it’s usually because they are trying to preserve their night vision. Sometimes I use the headlamp to walk around in the dark, and turn it off until I get up again. Oftentimes, I utilize the dim red light because I’d like to enjoy the campfire or gaze at the stars. When I have to cycle through all the white settings again and forget to close my eyes, it’s a rude surprise (for me and anyone else around). 

Second, the color of the headlamp/headband portion is a bit bright for my taste. I’d like to be able to wear it hunting, but I’d hate to forget to take it off when daylight comes. Out in the natural world, it’s quite conspicuous. Also, white is the color of the top of a turkey’s head, which adds a slight element of danger (we turkey hunters avoid wearing red, white, or blue openly for that reason). Black or charcoal would be more universally suitable. 

That’s it. There is nothing more about this product I would change. 

Lights Out

The Luci Beam is a great addition to any outdoor equipment list, and a perfect gift for anyone who needs to see in the dark. All indications are that mine will last for years to come, so it’s a safe investment. Now go find one of your own!


Do you have the Luci Beam, and have anything to add? Or do you have any questions about my experience with it? Drop a comment down below, and let’s connect. Thanks!

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  1. I, too, have used the Luci lantern for many years, great light source, indeed. A note of convenience regarding a headlamp or directional lantern…it can be really bright around the camp at night, even on low beam. A way to easily diffuse the light yet provide plenty of illumination for getting around camp is to place the headlamp directly against a while gallon milk jug (filled with water) and turn on the beam. The lamp light is diffused by the jug/water into a pleasant, dispersed glow rather than a harsh, blinding brilliance. Placed on the picnic table or other central area, it can provide plenty of light without degrading the atmosphere.

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