About Roy and NAGC

I am:

-a father and husband

-a classical musician of over 20 years

-an Eagle Scout

-a hunter, fisherman, forager

-a hiker and camper

-naturally curious

-a fierce do-it-yourselfer

-a public-land user and advocate

-an amateur naturalist

-an adventurer at heart

I live on the north side of the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area, seemingly far from the wilds of Minnesota (it seems far, but I’ve found that, in truth, adventure is often very close).  Over the course of the year, I turn to the woods to hunt, fish, forage, hike, camp, explore, and generally escape.  My outdoor interests are diverse and tend to multiply as the years roll on.  For instance, when I say I fish, that doesn’t begin to paint the whole picture.  I fish in rivers and lakes, in water or on the ice, for almost anything that swims in Minnesota: walleye, panfish, pike, catfish, trout, rough fish.  I simply cannot imagine doing the same thing time after time, year in and year out.  I need variety and new challenges.  I am always looking for something new to do and somewhere new to do it.

I grew up in southern Minnesota with two younger brothers, in the heart of farm country.  Which is not to say I grew up on a farm, however; we lived in a moderate-size town, on the side of the hill, in the woods.  That was where I was made to be a naturalist.  Learning the names of the trees and other plants, observing birds and learning their names and habits, and watching what happened as seasons slowly traded places were my endless play.  Not knowing it, I was setting the stage for a lifelong obsession with the outdoors that goes far beyond what can merely be taken home to eat.

In the last ten years or so my outdoor interests- already numerous- became increasingly diverse and called me ever stronger into the outdoors.  Coincidentally or not, this is also roughly how long I’ve been a father, and the experiences of passing on what I know and discovering new things alongside my kids have been nothing short of inspiring.  I have seen how a simple outing, like a short “nature walk,” can do a complete makeover on their attitudes.  I have also seen how the more monumental undertakings, like an overnight backpacking trip, usually become landmarks in their lives and are already shaping the people they are becoming.  Their fascination with the things we do and find in nature is intense and usually lasts as long as their youthful energy.  Not only are they stimulated by quality time in the outdoors, but they are enriched by it.  It really is that simple: it is good for themIt is good for us all.  It is well known that today’s youth are generally afflicted by “nature deficit disorder” as they become more urbanized and more isolated from any form of nature, and I am determined that my own kids will not be among their ranks.

This website is dedicated to the idea that when we venture outdoors, it doesn’t matter if we return with a stringer full of fish, a basket full of mushrooms, a belly full of berries, or nothing at all.  What does matter is that we do it, we make memories, and we make our lives richer.  No matter what, it’s Never A Goose Chase.