Why “Foraging in Minnesota”?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: foraging is highly regionalized. Any place you might go, you will encounter a unique plant community and set of conditions. You’d be hard pressed to drive 50 miles in any direction and find exactly the same thing, at least around here. And while plants and fungi may be widespread, their habits often change based on conditions— and location

Based on analytics data it’s clear that people drop in from all over the country for NAGC’s foraging topics (as always, no personally-identifying data is ever collected). Species-specific information will still be helpful to them. But I also often include information like regions of the state and specific public lands, as well as quirks about foraged species that will be especially helpful to local foragers. And that is why foraging topics about fruits, nuts, fungus, and greens are called Foraging in Minnesota

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